Product Care

Fresh Flowers

Below are some tips on how you can make these blooms last longer:

• Carefully unwrap the protective liner of the bouquet. 
• Cut the stems at an angle under running water; this will allow your flowers
to take in more water which will let them last longer.
• Strip the excess foliage off of the stems.
• Fill your vase with fresh water at least 2 inches, make sure all the stems are submerged. 
• If the water starts to change change in color (roughly 2-3days), change it to keep your flowers fresh. 
• Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and heat; they may last longer in a room with cool temperature. 

• For table flowers in vase arrangements, just change the water regulary, cut the before placing it in the vase with fresh water, and remove excess foliage. 

• For table flowers arranged in sponge, you can water the sponge every 2 days, and remove excess foliage. 

Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers and foliage are natural flowers and greens that have been processed with a revolutionary technology to maintain their fresh appearance for several months or even years. Their beauty and soft delicate appearance makes it difficult to differentiate between fresh cut flowers and the fresh look of our products. 

The substances used in the preservation process are non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive, and non-chemical reactive. The solutions and colorants are the same as those used in food, medical and textile manufacturing; therefore, they do not represent any health or environmental risk. 

The beauty of preserved roses can be enjoyed for months or even years. Due to high humidity in the Philippines, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight, if possible keep them in an air-conditioned room. 

Do not water preserved flowers, keep them dry and clean. To dust them, you can use a a hair dryer on cool setting, or you can use a small paint brush, and gently remove the dust on the preserved flower.