About Us



Knots keep things together
That’s what we’re here for
That’s what we’re here for

For a loved one
For a friend
For a sweet surprise
or someone to commend
For an apology
or a moment of sympathy
For a celebration
or just good intention

All these
when tied together
are made extra special
with knots™



We delight in helping you let others know
how much you care — providing you flowers and gifts
you won't find anywhere in the city.

You can visit us in our shop or you can also
find us online. Let us go out of our way
to help you keep those ties strong.



The Little Things

We are very particular with what we do - we’re all about freshness, quality products, and good service.

Staying Fresh

We adapt with the times, in tech and trend, which makes us grow in any environment that we are planted.

Nurturing The Seeds

We value the practice of giving back to the community and to nature.
We believe that eco-friendly practices ensure a sustainable future.

12 To Make A Bouquet

We value every individual - treating everyone with respect, integrity, fairness, and equal opportunities.

Branching Out

 We believe our work makes the world a better place.
We aim to share our love and service with everyone, everywhere.